Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation
of Cardiac Surgery Development

ul. Wolności 345a, 41-800 Zabrze 32/ 373-56-00

„The thing we hold dear is effective treatment of heart diseases. Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze was created in order to reach this objective using state of the art, independently developed methods. I can only hope here that you will deem efforts aimed at this noble goal to be purposeful and worthy of your support”.
prof. Zbigniew Religa - founder of the Foundation


* In the research area

Supporting the growth of Polish cardiosurgery and implementation of modern techniques and technologies of heart treatment to clinical practice.
Main directions of our activity:
•studies on heart prostheses,
•studies on heart valve prostheses,
•studies on biocybernetics,
•studies in the field of modern biotechnology.
These studies are taking place in a separate Heart Prostheses Institute of the Foundation.

* In the education and training area

Promoting and supporting knowledge transfer in the field of modern cardiosurgery in Poland and in developing countries.

The Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development
has implemented a well-developed, funded by own funds training-scholarship programme in the field of cardiosurgery since its inception, the objective of which is to improve professional qualifications of medical practitioners in Poland and abroad, especially in Eastern European countries. Topics of the programme include, i.e.: artificial heart, artificial heart supporting ventricles, biological heart valves, surgery techniques used in selected cardiosurgery operations, paediatric cardiosurgery, cooperation in the field of cardiosurgery and coronary heart disease treatment. The programme has benefited 180 people, including large teams of doctors from Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, as well as scholarship winners from Czech Republic, Croatia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Argentina and the United States.

The foundation co-funded the following textbook publications: „Zarys Kardiochirurgii” ed. by prof. Z. Religa (1993) and „Kardiochirurgia dziecięca” ed. by prof. Z. Religa and prof. J. Skalski, 2003).
It also organises own symposia (Cardiosurgical Robots), surgery workshops for medicine students and conferences (Bio - Med - Tech Silesia).
It participates in the most important scientific meetings in Poland and abroad, with a profile identical to its research interests.
It provides supervisory care of Master’s degree and doctoral dissertations.
Experiences related to development and implementation of the Robin Heart surgical robot and of other medical tools shall result in creation of a professional Educational Centre for New Surgical Techniques and Technologies by the Foundation, and of an experimental, robot-controlled operation room.


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